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CHOVYTING machinery is a professional manufacturer of plastic bag making machines. After more than 20 years of development, our standard equipment has been able to meet most of the bag making needs. You only need to send the picture and size of the sample bag, and there will be a professional sales service for you 24 hours. If you need to produce special bags, we can also customize the machine according to your requirements, submit your requirements, and the engineer team will communicate with you in time, and develop and produce according to the requirements. In CHOVYTING, You don't need to worry about installation, commissioning, technical training, after-sales maintenance and accessories. This is our most basic service.

Standard machine:Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service
Customized machine:Professional R&D team cooperates to meet your needs
Plastic Bag Making Machine
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CHOVYTING is a company specializing in the production of full line plastic bag making machine with research, development, production and sales.

Research and development

The actual process of each production step is strictly controlled and the ISO-9001 quality system process is used to track and contro.


Not only provide after-sales service guarantee,but also provide system solutions including pre-sales parts storage, process, operation training, manage ment platform docking,etc.

Company history

CHOVYTING was founded in 1999, and has been specializing in the production of bag making machines for more than 20 years.

New Products

This machine special for making peforation bag-on-roll bag,rewind with 4pcs servo motor,high speed bag making and non-stop rollexchanger design.Both can make overlap and perforation roll bag.

1000PG+OR Drawstring Garbage Rolling Bag Making Machine

1. for making rolling drawstring garbage bags, BOTH overlap or perforated rolling bags
2. servo motor control
3. automatic roll exchange

23 years
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Chovyting business covers world markets, especially at South America, Middle East and North America.
Till now, Chovyting has signed an agency cooperation with including Chile, Egypt, South Africa, South Africa, Argentina and Turkey.
More timelier and roundly to provide customers with overseas technical help.

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In terms of production technology, Chovyting develops various professional machinery with top research and develop-ment capabilities and continuous innavation. Chovyting always maintains the research and development of two new machines every year.

Maggie Strickland
Marketer / May Inc

Till now CHOVYTING has signed an agency cooperation with including Chile, Egypt, South Africa, Argentina, Yugoslavia and many other countries, more timely and roundly to provide customers with overseas technical help.

Arthur Hansen
CEO / Letters Inc