Three kinds of environment-friendly plastics

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60% of plastic waste in the world comes from packaging,More than 80% of plastic packaging has been used only once before being buried.Most of these plastics are not biodegradable,which has a great impact on the environment.More and more countries are looking for degradable plastics to solve the increasingly serious environmental problems.

In order to solve this problem, a new generation of plastics began to appear in the market. Here are three kinds of degradable plastics.


Biodegradable plastic:

Biodegradable plastic is a kind of plastic that can be biodegraded by fungi or bacteria. This type of plastic is made of plant materials such as corn, potato and wheat starch, rather than oil-based plastic extracted from petroleum. When the plastic bag is made of biodegradable plastic, the recycling process becomes easier, because once the plastic is decomposed into smaller pieces, it can be easily decomposed by naturally occurring bacteria and fungi in the environment, which makes the imminent landfill problem very different.


Compostable plastic:

Compostable plastic bags are also made of a plant material, which will return basic organic components when processed. Moreover, because they are finally made of cellulose, they will not release toxic gases into the environment during decomposition. However, it is important to note that compostable plastic bags need a very specific environment to start the decomposition process, a specific gas mixture, necessary microorganisms and appropriate temperature, which means that it also needs a special treatment center.


Degradable plastic:

Degradable plastic bags or "oxidative degradable" plastic bags are different from biodegradable plastic bags because they do not need organisms to start the decomposition process. In the case of degradable plastic bags, the chemical additives used in the manufacturing process of the plastic bags make the decomposition speed of the plastic bags much faster than that of ordinary plastic bags.


Although each of the above-mentioned plastics can be completely decomposed under certain conditions, it is still a significant progress for non-degradable plastics.This makes enterprises reduce the burden of waste management activities from regulatory agencies.


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