CW-500ZD Fully Automatic Bottom Seal Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine


1. Tube film double side gusseting unit.
2. Punching unit for handle.
bottom sealing soft loop handle bag
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Technical Parameter:


Width of bag-making


Length of bag-making


Speed of bag-making


The size of handle film


Total Power


Machine Weight


Machine Dimension [LxWxH)

6500 X 2000 X 1900mm

Air compressor [not included]


■ Because of the non-stop improving of machine and development of new functions, appearance and specification is subject to change without notice. 

CW-500ZD Bottom Sealing Loop handle Bag Making Machine bag forming machine

Brief introduction:

CW-500ZD fully automatic bottom seal soft loop handle bag making machine, is using for making HDPE/LDPE clothes bag, shoe bag, advertisement bag etc. It is our new product which is coupled with machinery, light, electronic and pneumatic.

This machine is fully automatic from bag making to soft loop seal, represent the high level of the chinese bag making machine market.

This machine with new design, reasonable structure, the most useful, bag making is controlled at the inner side of the machine, confirm the safe operation. CW-500ZD adopt PLC control, easy operation, convenient adjustment. Meanwhile, CW-500ZD have many advantages, such as high precision sealing orientation, steady feeding, automatic counter, alarm, and if you want to make punch handle bag you can plus the puncher.

1  V-type sealing for both sides of bag, which makes the bag look good
2  Soft handle turning driving is based on the design of mechanic principal
3  The auto conveyor table will deliver the finished bags while it is counted
4  EPC automatic control for unwinding

Optional devices:
1  Tube film double side gusset unit

2  Punching unit for handle


1  Jumbo roll automatic lifting device with air cylinder

2  Plug feeding shaft and air shaft

3  Automatic tension control

4  Single photocell control EPC

5  With automatic EPC and tension control


Traction dancing

1  Double-axis opposite-scroll type,integrated soft and strong very well
2  Traction rubber roller is driven by the reducer inverter, H-teeth synchronous belt transmission
3  Low-friction cylinder control arm tension
4  Dancing roller is controlled by potentiometer, PLC and inverter to achieve closed-loop control together


V type sealing device (K sealing device)

1  Pneumatic control up-down V type sealer

2  Multi-position distance adjust

3  High temperature cloth is rewinded fast.

4  Special flower cutter mould sealing

Photocell sensor device

1  Vertical, horizontal moving independence

2  Zero malfunction photocell use Sick from Germany

3  Rotary-photocell reflected roller

4  Three-side location by photocell, servo motor, PLC

Horizontal feeding manipulator device

1  New design horizontal feeding with belt design

2  Special motor control film horizontal feeding

3  Synchronous belt  transmission

4  Special bearing steel slipping roller


Soft loop handle sealer device (patent)

1  Double layer unwinding bracket

2  The seat and the wallboard of The whole soft loop handle sealer device adopts steel board

3  Special ramp pulling over-turn soft loop handle

4  Semi-motor drives the soft loop handle device forward or backward.

Automatic bag convey table

1  Continuously feeding

2  Semi-motor driven

3  The height of the working table is adjustable

4  The width of the bag block board is adjustable

5  Steel board built the table


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