High Speed Heavy Duty Multi-function Bag Making Machine+DHL Bag

1. Hanger puncher device
2. Square design puncher of bottom
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Technical Parameter:




Length of bag making [height of bag]

Width of bag making



Speed of bag making

Speed of machine


DHL bag


Die cut bag


Top folding


Bottom gusset



Total power



Machine weight



Machine dimension [LxWxH]
8000 x 2800 x 1950mm

Air compressor



■ Because of the non-stop improving of machine and development of new functions, appearance and specification is subject to change without notice.

Unique design OPP PE bag servo motor drive system bakery wicket plastic bag making machine

Functions and Features:

This fully automatic high speed wicketer is the unique design in China.Automatic windmill style rotary-arm collection makes bag collecting more easily and quickly.

It also decrease the coefficient of wind resistance and take the bag more precisely. Special design of round and square bottom,both side can be heated independently.     

Not only ensure the strong sealing but also realize high speed running. The max speed of bag making is 300pcs/min.It is easy to operate and clean as well.


1.    It adopts 3pcs JAPAN YASKAWA servo motor system to realize variable & precise control while the machine is running.

2.    EPC control maintain the stability of film feeding.

3.    Special design of windmill style rotary-arm collection

4.    Super high speed,max speed could be 300pcs/min

Application Fields:

This kind of machine is widely used in the packaging of food.

Auto loading unwinding device 


     Hydraulic automatic unwinder                                      Photocell from unwinding

1.unwinder adopts hydraulic lifting device,max.diameter of the unwinder is 1000mm.

2.Adopts AC frequency motor driving constant tension control,feeding speed is according to the producing speed.

3.Unwinding shaft adopts heavy-chain air shaft.

4.Unwinding device adopts 1600mm triangle folding device together from up , which can be adjustable.

5.Unwinder part has the EPC.

round bottom gusset device: 

1. More thin round disc bottom gusset

2. U style mould bottom molding for bottom gusset 

Hole punch from top


1.  2 pcs hole punch from top of bag, our standard diameter of punch is 14mm

2.  With EPC control for hole punch

3.  With 2pcs easy tearing punch from top of hole 

Air cylinder punch


1.  2 pcs hole punch from top of bag, our standard diameter of punch is 14mm

2.  With EPC control for hole punch

3.  With 2pcs easy tearing punch from top of hole 

Photocell of printing and preheating : 


Printing image tracking adopts photocell from SICK FROM GERMANY

2.  The photocell of priting together with high technical computer ,

3. The pre-sealing knife is designed specially of bottom four layers film, high speed produce bag

4. Double sides heating, double cylinder driven, strong for gusing, and strong for sealing .

Sealing and cutting knife 

1.  New design side sealing knife raise-fall device

2.  With high quality sealing knife, high temperature heating ametabolic, fast turn, simple clean.

Collect device

1. Automatic windmill style rotary-arm collect finish bag

2.  Manual drive rotary-arm, the speed change follow main motor

3.  take up of collect bag pin is 2kw servo motor used YASKAWA FROM JAPAN


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