January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

Advantages of Using Plastic Packaging Bags for Food Packaging

With the population growth and the increasing demand for consumer goods, we need to ensure that the food is kept in good condition with proper packaging until the point of sale. Although there are many substitutes and materials that can be used to package food, plastic food packaging has always been the most popular choice. Because of its adaptability and durability, plastics have maintained this popularity for many years. Take a look at some other benefits provided by plastic food packaging:

1.Plastic packaging is a very flexible and adaptable packaging form. Manufacturers can customize its shape, size and style according to customers’ requirements. Such as 3 sided sealed bag, central sealed bag, standing bag and zipper bag.

2.Plastic packaging can survive in extreme environments, and is not easily degraded at high and low temperatures, thus maintaining the integrity of its internal food or drink. It can also protect your products from moisture, oxygen, dust, light and smell.

3. Plastic packaging also allows manufacturers to print compelling, high-quality custom designs, thus increasing the popularity of products in the retail environment.

4. Compared with other available packaging alternatives, plastic bags are easy to recycle and require less energy for production. According to a study conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, compared with paper, plastic bags produce and produce 40% less energy for solid waste. The study also showed that compared with one pound of paper, the energy of one pound of plastic recycling decreased by 91%.

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