Product Recommendations
CW-800FBA Plastic Heavy Duty Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine
CW-600IEB Servo Drive FFS heavy duty polythene tube film embossing gusseting machine
CW-600CSR Fully automatic FFS inndustry heavy duty center seal bag on roll making machine
CW-600VPF Fully Automatic Valve Port Filling Bag Making Machine

FFS Industry Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine Series

FFS Heavy-Duty Bags: Valve-sealing bags designed for industrial packaging, such as cement, lime, and raw material packaging.
Its cutting-edge technological research and development have overcome the shortcomings of traditional moisture resistance and leakage in PP woven valve-sealing bags. This innovation marks a pioneering achievement in China’s technological research and development.

1.Hold multiple certifications

Based in China,our products are soldthroughout all over the a rapidly changing envronment, we continue to invest in our human resources, products and operaions to moet our cuomers’ needs and improve our core compettveness.We focus on bag making machine design, developmont and production in ordor to provde customor quality and service to promote the company to greater success and rasecusiomer satisfacton

2.Pass the test of testing institutions

All production from CHOVYTING have passed ISO9001:2000, CE, B.V, SGS and GMC.

3.Have high cost performance

We have a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system and reliable quality, which makes us more cost-effective than our peers.

Hello, how can I adjust the longitudinal sealing ironing row if it is not horizontal?

Hello, I am technical specialist ROSE, this part is a compound gear that can move. You lock the black handwheel above, and then loosen the white iron handle a little, you can level it according to the actual distance difference, and then lock the white handle after adjustment.

What is this?

Hello, this is the center seal molding template for making center seal bags.

What is the purpose of these water pipes?

Hello, this is the cooling pipe that connects the cooler. Used to cold cut zippers and bags.

How wide a roll of material do I need to make these bags?

Hi, bag width and length can set on touch screen,different bag types use different material ,and set different size,For example, when you making center seal bag,you only can bag length on touch screen,the bag width depend on your material width ,When you making stand up with zipper,you should set bag width on touch screen,the bag length depend on your material width.

Hello, I have changed the material of different thickness, how to adjust this part?

Hello, the gap between each ironing row should be kept between 1-1.5 mm when it is running. It is best to observe them directly with the naked eye. After adjusting the gap, you can stop the machine, then open the rubber roller, let the small floating roller hang down freely to the lowest position, then close the rubber roller and turn it.

Could you send me a catalogue?

Yes, please provide your email address and we will send it to you.

We are going to open new factory for plastic bags. Could you help me in it?

Yes, what kind of bag do you need to make? We give you a suitable solution.

Is it all one machine in the video? Or do I need to purchase more machines to get the whole process done?

Hello, the video is a piece of equipment, we can customize a suitable equipment for you according to your needs.

Please write how the equipment in your application differs from the one I just sent you. And why is your suggestion better?

Our products have been tested by the market in various countries. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, I believe our suggestions can help you.

Why your machine is expensive?

Our brand has been tested by the market and has been deeply cultivated for more than 20 years. From materials, quality, design, and service etc. have made excellent achievements. Believe that the price is not the reason to stop you from choosing us.

Whats your delivery time?

Standard equipment can be shipped within 60-90 days after payment, customized equipment will be discussed according to specific projects.

Could you please send me the catalog of your machine with the price marked?

Hello, will the catalog of our machine be sent to you via WeChat or email for your convenience? Please read our catalog and let me know which machine you are interested in, and I will give you a detailed quotation for that machine.

Do you have zipper bag bag making machine?

Yes, what is the material of your zipper bag? Composite material or PE material? If you have a photo of the sample bag, please provide it, and I can recommend the correct machine model to you according to your sample bag.

Hello, please give me a quotation for the machine that can make those bags in the photo (collection photos of various composite bags)

Hello, I saw in your photo that there are various types of composite bags, and it is impossible to make all kinds of bags through one machine. May I ask which one is your main product? We can recommend models according to your main products.

Hello, my customers are interested in knowing whether your machines will be exported to XX country.

Hello, we have exported equipment in XX country. Does your customer want to know the operation of the equipment? Customers in XX country cannot allow your customers to visit for privacy reasons. Our factory also has this type of machine. We can let customers check the operation of the equipment through video. You can also come to our factory for on-site inspection for customers.

Hello, does your family have equipment for making garbage bags?

Hello, yes. Are your garbage bags in rolls, or single large ones? At present, there is a kind of garbage bag in rolls that has a plastic rope for tying the mouth. What kind of garbage bag is the garbage bag equipment you are looking for?

Hello, what is the price of your bag making equipment?

Hello, our bag making machine has a wide range of varieties, and the price difference is relatively large, ranging from a few hundred thousand to a million according to the model and function. What kind of bag equipment are you looking for? After confirming the type of equipment, we can give you an accurate quotation.

Can u finish the machine within one month?

Our machines are large equipment, which cannot be completed in a hurry, and the machine quality needs to be guaranteed

Plz include the shipping cost in the proforma invoice,to xxx port.

The price of sea freight changes every week and cannot be determined. Only inquire about the latest sea freight when the machine is about to be completed. It is suggested that the sea freight can be paid together with the final payment of the machine, which is more fair to both parties.

Why you machine much expensive than others?

Compared with other Chinese manufacturers, our machines are more expensive, but they are not our target competitors. However, our machine level is comparable to that of Taiwan machines. Under the same machine quality, our price/performance ratio is already very good.

What kind of machine do u have?

1.Side Seal Bag Making Machines: For soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag,punched out handle bag, drawstring bags, courier bags/ mailing bags...etc 2. Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine By Fly Knife 3. Overlap Drawstring Bag On Roll Machine (80 pcs/min) 4. Laminated Pouch Making Machine: thres side seal pouch, fin seal pouch,zipper pouch ,stand up pouch(doypack), 5. Wicket Bag Making Machine (250pcs/min) etc...

First you have customers in Jordan? Can i have the name to check it also?

Hello, we have many customers in Jordan, but in principle, the privacy of our customers cannot be disclosed. Can you please provide your company name, I need to ask the old customers if they are willing to open for visits.

Plese don't send me message on whatsaap bu keep in touch only email

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and I will remove your private account from the WhatsApp list. If you have any problems on the machine, please feel free to email us.

How many sizes we can make?(T-shirt bag)

Yes, the machine can realize bag production of different lengths by setting the cutting bag length. But the size of the bag is limited by the width of the machine. The standard models are 400/500/600 respectively corresponding to the width limit of bag making is 380/480/580mm.

But perhaps you can costumize? I find interesting the part where you put the string?

Hello, we provide customized service. Please provide more specific sample information (such as bag type, size, material, thickness, etc.), you can also mail the sample to us, and we will provide you with a customized bag-making solution for your sample.

This price increase from last time so much please kindly provide a better price or at least the same price as last time.

Yes, we have adjusted the pricing this year. The increase in the price compared with your previous purchase price is mainly due to the increase in labor and material costs. I hope you understand.

Why Your machine looks exactly same as Hemingstone?

Hello, our technology originated from Taiwan, China, but we have our own independent design, raw material supply chain, production workshop and after-sales system.

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