Service Management System
● A production line process

Factory Establishment --- Workforce Allocation --- Factory Area --- Production Line Equipment --- Auxiliary Equipment

Service concept

We have professional sales and techical personnel, always ready to arrive with professional knowledge


System solutions including product modeling, parts storage, process, operation training, management platform docking, etc.


Emergency repair parts within 24 hours, and the usual accessories arrive on time within 7 days.

The Leader Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

We have more possibilities in each area to bring your products to the next level, we also provide new and exciting business opportunities for more customers. we are working hard on being the best professional solution provider.Passed the high and new technology enterprise and many patents.

When was the company established? What is its main product?

We were established in 1999, and our main product is plastic packaging bag making machines.

Does the company have any certificates or patents? How many new products does the company develop each year? What honors has the company received?

1.The company holds 115 patents, including 25 invention patents.
2.In 2014, the company was awarded the "National High-tech Technology Enterprise"honor.
3.The company introduces 2-3 new product technology patents annually.

What is the company's total floor area? How many employees are there? How many people are in the sales team, research and development team, and after-sales team?

The company occupies an area of 10,000 square meters with a workforce of 150+. The sales team consists of 20+, the research and development team has 10+, and the after-sales team comprises 10+.

What is the company's after-sales service approach? What are the conditions?

1.We have a team of 5+ engineers who provide year-round service to clients internationally.
2.Additional charges apply for new machine commissioning based on specific customer requirements. These charges are not included in the machine contract.
3.Customers are responsible for covering round-trip airfare and a daily wage of 150 USD for the engineer, with an additional 100 USD per day for travel.
4.Before engineer's visit, customers are required to ensure the availability of utilities,such as air, electricity, and necessary testing materials. We can offer assistance and guidance in this regard.
5.For our established clients in the vicinity, we also conduct regular on-site visits and after-sales services.

CHOVYTING machinery professional manufacturer

You only need to send the picture and size of the sample bag, and there will be a professional sales service for you 24 hours.

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