May 15, 2023
May 15, 2023

Plastic bag production line

Granulation, film blowing, printing and bag making are the main processes in the production of plastic products.

Pelletizing: This is the process of melting, processing and manufacturing raw plastic pellets into pellets. Pelletization is the first step in the manufacture of plastic products as it ensures product quality and consistency.

Blown film: Blown film is the process of extruding molten plastic pellets through an extruder into a film. The thickness of the film can be adjusted according to the needs, and it can be made into transparent or colored films.

Printing: Printing is the process of printing patterns or text onto plastic films. This can be achieved by various printing methods such as letterpress printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc.

Bag making: Bag making is the process of cutting, folding and welding plastic film into bags. Bag making can be done in many ways, such as heat seal bag making machine, cold seal bag making machine, etc.

If you are a novice customer, we suggest that you directly purchase the finished film and bag making machine to produce bags. This helps you avoid the complexities and risks of the buying process while saving you time and effort. Purchasing finished film ensures consistent quality and can help you save on the cost of manufacturing plastic pellets and blown film. Choosing a bag making machine that suits your needs can help you produce plastic bags of various types and sizes, further expanding your business scope and market.

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