January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine by Flying Knife System

we are a manufacturer for the plastic bag making machine since 1999,Today we are here to share this bottom sealing flying knife cutting and hot wire sealing machine with u.

This machine is special design for high thickness and large size bag.The maximum bag length can reach to 3 meters.The maximum bag width is up to 1.5meters.The maximum thickness for one layer is 200 microns.So if your bag have side gusset totally micron will up to 800.

The bag is sealed by the hot wire.The sealing line is very strong and beautiful.The bag is cut by the flying knife.It work in a circle and driven by the timing belt.The cutting blade is very easy to change after some time working.As we known from customers this kind of final product is normally using for heavy duty packaging for industrial use.Such as garbage bags and ice bags.

We have a rich experience for this kind of bottom sealing machine.The first we build was in 2008,During this 14 years,we had build around 150 sets.Welcome to inquiry CHOVYTING at 13958813143

CHOVYTING machinery professional manufacturer

You only need to send the picture and size of the sample bag, and there will be a professional sales service for you 24 hours.

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