January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

CW-500ZD Automatic Bottom Seal Soft Loop Bag Making Machine

we are a manufacturer for the plastic bag making machine since 1999,Today we are here to share this Fully Automatic Bottom Seal Soft Loop Bag Making Machine for you.

The maximum bag length can reach to 600 mm.The maximum bag width is up to 480mm.

The bottom of the bag has a K-shaped sealing knife design to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the bottom of the bag. K-type knife adopts double-sided heating, independent temperature control, and double cylinder drive.

The whole machine control driver program is PLC programmable controller driver. With 6 languages for the operator to choose.

As we known from customers this kind of final product is normally using for clothing packaging shopping bag.

We have mare than 20 years of experience in plastic bag making machines.Welcome to inquiry CHOVYTING at 13958813143

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You only need to send the picture and size of the sample bag, and there will be a professional sales service for you 24 hours.

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