January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

Detailed Overview of Various Types of Plastic Bag Making Machines

Whether it is food and beverage industry, personal hygiene, medical industry, or even agriculture, plastic bags are widely used to package and transport products in every industry. In order to meet such a wide range of business needs, Chovyting machinery has created special plastic bag machines. These machines are designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs.. The following is a detailed overview of various types of plastic bag making machines provided by Chovyting machinery:

Fly Knife Plastic Bottom Sealing plastic bag making machine

bottom sealed flying knife plastic bag making machine for garbage bag .machine to make heavy duty bags by fly knife, which is specializing in producing tension less flat bag. Newly design flying knife cutting system, easy to exchange the blade. Double electric hot heating sealing design, sealing firmly. Can make multi-lane non-print bag.

Side Seal Zipper Plastic Bag Making Machine


This is an automatic machine converts either a Lay flat sheet or a tubular roll of PE or PP material into a side seal bag and automatically attaches and seals a zipper with ultrasonic sealing inline on the machine making a Zipper bag. Zipper profile are fed in and attached by continuous sealing units.
Customized sealing blades based on profile styles.The machine is capable of running at 100 pcs of bags /minute.
Automatically zipper slider attaching can be added as optional.
It’s user friendly ergonomic design, rigid construction with resistant to vibration
Recipe and production control system with special PLC system.

Side Seal Plastic Bag Making Machine


The Side seal bag making machine is used to produce a variety of plastic bags, which include; Die cut handle punch bag, soft loop hadle bag, poly draw perforation bag, patch handle shopping bag, bottom gusset bag, tape applicator for courier bags etc. It is suitable for LDPE / HDPE / PP / BOPP films.

In addition to the plastic bag making machines mentioned above, we have also created some special-purpose plastic bag making machines. Therefore, if you want to buy plastic bag machine, please contact us at +86 13958813143. Our consultants will guide you through the whole process and help you make a wise decision.



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