January 12, 2023
January 12, 2023

Look at Some Machines That Our Factory is Good at

Are you still looking for a plastic bag making machine? Are you looking for a custom bag-making solution? Chovyting not only produces a wide range of bag-making machines, but also can customize various special-purpose plastic bag making machines. Take a look at some machines that our factory is good at:


Multi-function laminated pouch making machine

Machine with 4pcs Servo motor driven to make the single web film stand up pouch and bottom gusset stand up pouch in one machine .

This machine can make the following type pouch

1/ Three side sealing pouch (1-up or 2-ups or 3-ups )

2/ Zipper pouch(1-up)

3/ Single web stand up zipper pouch(1-up)

4/ Another film bottom gusset stand up zipper pouch(1-up,optional function 2-ups)

Application Fields:

This kind of machine is widely used in producing three side seal pouch,zipper pouch and doypack(stand up pouch) for food packing.



Rolling plastic bag making machine

This machine make garbage plastic bags, is producing rolling bag . Also can make star bag, garbage bag. Vegetable bag and table bag.Fully automatic exchange system can reduce the labour force,in the excellent servo driven system ,it is the best choice for producing printed bag and blank bag. Easy for operate.


1. Used 4 pcs servo motor driving ,improve the speedand stability

2. Long time but low temperature sealing way ensures the quality of the bag.

3. Perforation line always keeps a same distance from the sealing line to ensure there won’t be any defect whenever in changing of different length.

4. Principles of sealing system uses swing, do not stop feeding

5. Newly design paper core automatic feeding, positing and auto exchange new rolling



Wicket bag making machine

This machine is specially design for making wicketer bag automatic.It shows the best technic of servo motor and the latest type of mechanism structure,it has has the excellent speed of 250pcs/min.this machine can make bread bag,chicken bag,diaper bag,courier bag.

1.Special servo motor driving

2.Germany SICK photocell

3.Rotary-arm unit for collecting bags

4.Double swing arm dancing,it is suitable for high-speed feeding,the film will not shake

If you still can’t find the product you need, please call +86 13958813143 to contact Chonyting  machinery and make an appointment with our team of engineers, and we will make the machine that best suits your industry needs!


5.Puncher and collect table with linkage tracking device


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