CW-800CSD Super High Speed Automatic Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine

Soft loop handle bag / die cut bag handle
1. Single sheet folding unit (hydraulic loading deviec)
2. double lines sealing knife device
3. bottom sealing knice device

Servo motor:Yaskawa Japan
Inverter: Yaskawa Japan
Photocell: Datalogic Itlay
PLC control: Panasonic Japan
Certification: CE/ISO:9001

Super High Speed Automatic Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine

CW-800CSD Super High Speed Automatic Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine

Newly designed super high speed soft loop handle bag making machine, shows the top level of technology and driving of servo motor.Meanwhile, the high capacity re-positioning the standard of market, it pays more attention to quality and its economical.CHOVYTING has more than 10 years’ experience of manufacturing soft loop handle bag. 

Main Features

1. 3 pcs servo motor drive from soft loop handle device.
2. The new design of bag stack and speed down conveyor system.
3. Special design of new type side sealing knife cooling and lifting device
4. Top-folded sealing knife adopt continuously heating sealing
5. With printing tracking photocell use Datalogic, from Italy , suitfor higth speed tracking.
6.With printing tracking photocell use Datalogic, from Italy. 

Optional Equipment

1.Single sheet film fold unit(hydraulic auto loading device)
2.Double sealing knife device
3.Bottom sealing knife device
4.Triangle folding device 

Model CW-800CSD
Length of bag-making(Height of bag) 250-700mm
Width of bag-making 250-800mm
Top-folding edge 50-75mm
Bottom gusset 20-60mm
Speed of bag-making
Soft loop handle bag 120pcs/min
Patch handle bag
Poly draw handle bag
Die cut handle bag 140pcs/min
Total power 10KW
Machine weight 3000kg
Machine dimension(LxWxH] 7x
2.2 x


Details Images
Unwinding Part

Unwinding adopts AC motor-driven active unwinding, design of large roll diameter reduces the number of shutdowns.Automatic EPC correction device is attached to unwinding.

Bottom Gusset and Top folding

The disc structure is used for bottom insertion operation.The bottom inserting disc adopts a telescopic mobile design, and the bottom gusseting is smooth and accurate.

Top fold continuous sealing part

The top fold is continuously sealed, the bag width is not limited, and there is no overlap of the sealing line joints.The internal heat-generating seal is also suitable for full-page printing.

High-speed soft hand-held part

The soft hand-held conveying mechanism is driven by 3 servo motors, which is suitable for high-speed production.

Hand punching part

The punching adopts a two-stage double-stroke structure design, which increases the punching speed and is suitable for high-speed bag making.

Sensor and Presealing

The color code electric eye adopts the German (SICK) photoelectric eye, which has zero failure and accurate sealing and cutting size.

Side sealing knife and conveyor belt part

The side sealing knife has an automatic lifting function, which drops when starting up and rises when stopping.

Collection table part

Equipped with automatic horizontal collection table, with optional intermittent conveying and continuous conveying functions.


soft loop handle bag die cut bag handle


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