CW-800SP Fully Automatic Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

2 functions (patch handle bag, die cut handle bag)
1. side sealing knife
2. Folding unit
3.Automatic collect table

Servo motor:Yaskawa Japan
Inverter: Yaskawa Japan
Photocell: Datalogic Itlay
PLC control: Panasonic Japan
Certification: CE/ISO:9001

Fully Automatic Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

This machine has 2 functions (patch handle bag, die cut handle bag. It is coupled with machinery ,light ,electronic and pneumatic. CW-800SP Full automatic patch handle / die cut handle plastic shopping bag making machine 

Brief introduction:

This machine has 2 functions ( patch handle bag,die cut handle bag). It is coupled with machinery, light, electronic and pneumatic. 


1. side sealing knife
2. Folding unit
3.Automatic collect table 

OPtional equipment:

1.Single sheet film fold unit(hydraulic auto loading device)
2.Double sealing knife device
3.Bottom sealing knife device
4.Triangle folding device 

Length of bag-making
Width of bag-making
Top-folding edge
Bottom gusset
Speed of bag-making
Soft loop handle bag
Patch handle bag
Poly draw handle bag
Die cut handle bag
Total power
Machine weight
Machine dimension(LxWxH]


Details Images
Common unwinding

1. Unwinding adopt common loading , max diameter of raw rolling materialisφ600mm
2. Adopt magnetic powder tension control. Manual adjust the tension.
3. Unwinding shaft is heavy-chainplug axle

Top-folding continuously sealing device

1. Top-folding continuously sealing, the width size of bag not be limited,
2. Inside heating wire sealing, which is suitable for full colors of bag.
3. Adopt import heat wire, steady warming, hard sealing

Patch handle bag device

1. Turnabout cylinder control patch
2. With flying knife cutting fast
3. Special pattern sealing mould
4. Micro-motor driver patch go forward and back off
5. Base mould of patch device adopt whole steel plate

Heat sealing handle punch

1. High hardness gear steel smooth pillar
2. Air outside waster film blower hopper
3. The whole style rotary 180 degree
4. High hardness alloy aluminium puncher base plate

Side sealing parts

1.Side sealing knife with water cycle cooling system.
2.Side sealing knife adopt best of breed material, high temperature heating ametabolic.
3. Side sealing knife with concealed style heating tube, temperature steady

Convey collect device

1.Collect table adopt automatic collecting bag feeding (intermission model and continuum model)
2.When the bag reach to a certainty quantity, collect table will move automatically, and continuo producing.
3.Collect table is driven by Micro-motor reducing servo


patch handle bag die cut handle bag


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